Future Mobility Consulting

Our Customers

Local and National Governing and Public Bodies

Future Mobility Consulting Ltd offers support services to national and local governmental bodies to set and achieve their sustainable mobility policies and goals.

We can assist in your tendering and partner acquisition processes to deploy vehicle charging infrastructure for both internal and public use and support you in your role of implementing the shift to a zero-emissions transport future. 


Private Companies and Commercial Fleet Operators

At Future Mobility Consulting Ltd. we offer businesses in the private sector sustainable solutions to support the adoption and management their fleet and transport operations. Our experienced advisors support your company every step of the way and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to switch to Zero Emission solutions for your fleet operations. No matter your business model, our team can help you find a sustainable and profitable solution to your transport requirements. 

We assist companies looking to deploy EVs in any aspect including: electric delivery vehicles; car-sharing services, company support fleets; and more, We can assist you with charging infrastructure installation and planning, network integration, hardware and software selection, energy strategy, pilot project initiation and full fleet deployment. 


Charging Network Operators and Infrastructure Developers.


Future Mobility Consulting Ltd. provides charging networks and infrastructure developers with aa range of services to help with their deployment and business development. We offer insight into national and local laws and regulations, we support companies in permit and certification requirements and in finding the best partners for developing successful projects for their users.

Our team specialises in charging hardware and software appraisal and selection; system integration; energy storage solutions; V2G projects ;and vehicle and OEM developments.