Future Mobility Consulting

Our Services

Strategy Consulting


Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the EV sector, Future Mobility Consulting Ltd. can help you build a solid strategy to position your organisation in best place within the e-mobility market.  We can help you identify the best partners needed to achieve success in the world of sustainable mobility. Our team can help identify which technological developments will affect your business and how your company needs to respond to ensure sustainable success. 

Future Mobility Consulting Ltd. can help you to key define strategies in the rapidly changing world of electric mobility. We advise companies and governments on matters such as:

  • Future-proof charging network deployment
  • Strategic market research
  • EV adoption planning
  • Facility build-out
  • Hardware and software analysis
  • Key partner selection
  • E-mobility business case analysis
  • Policy decision-making and enforcement
  • Business model evaluation


Project Management

Future Mobility Consulting Ltd supports both the public and private sectors, providing EV project and process management services  so that our clients can easily achieve all their  zero emission mobility goals.

The transition to sustainable mobility raises complex challenges. We are here to help you find the best solutions for you. We can help you with a range of objectives and goals. 

  • Introducing Zero Emission buses or taxis in an cost-effective and sustainable way
  • Understanding the required infrastructure to create a future-proof charging network
  • Charging system location selection
  • Navigating market and regulatory standards and requirements
  • Full business case analysis

Future Mobility Consulting Ltd provides custom solutions tailored to your e-mobility needs. Our team can provide you with support within the context of feasibility studies, calculating business cases, project system planning, procurement, design, implementation, roll-out and completion.

Our team has experience with complex projects in a range of fields associated with the adoption and expansion of the e-mobility sector. we can provide you with specialist and independent insight on:

  • Commercial fleet electrification
  • E-mobility for public transport
  • Electric cargo transport
  • Electric  vehicle logistics
  • Tendering of charging infrastructure
  • Parking facility charging infrastructure 
  • Facility site optimisation
  • Public charging infrastructure
  • V2G development


Market and Industry Research

The electric mobility market is growing at unprecedented rates. As a result, much of the technology associated with this industry is still relatively young and subject to a large amount of further development. Research, development and innovation are needed to facilitate mobility transition for the broader transport sector. 

Future Mobility Consulting Ltd. can provide valuable market insight and bespoke research reports into this highly dynamic market place. Our research services can help accelerate your business by providing a deep understanding of the EV market, battery and charging technology, regulatory landscape and OEM movement.

We can deliver custom, in-depth research into any area of the E-mobility sector. Our areas of research expertise include:

  • Electric Vehicle drivetrain and battery development
  • Charging hardware developments including induction (wireless), V2G or (ultra) rapid charging 
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles  
  • Legal and regulatory developments 
  • Fleet and EV charging remote monitoring software
  • Network interoperability and bill-pay